Jerry Hunt: Birome (ZONE): Cube

Birome (ZONE): Cube is devised as a reflex memory cabinet with transactional core: the mechanism used is item-element invariant and system transparent; the cube zone is a body-memory exerciser and operates as a continuous "other": a sexual surface trance derivative emulator. The interior surfaces of the cabinet serve as source skrying planes through access points using a system derived from the angelic tablets of John Dee; the core is a composite mannequin arrangement (homunculus) provided with interactive signature translators derived from a serialized variant of Rosicrucian chess (sigil) and is sensitive to participant skrying action. The participant/cabinet/core interaction is arranged in such a way as to cause the core assembly to generate response signatures translated as context codes along a binary interleaved multiplex transsexual spiral: the spiral contains embedded narrative whorls: each whorl generates a string of sound-image derivatives. Deep whorls (cores) use spatial reposition; continuant whorls (narratives) use temporal reposition. Sound and image sequences and stills are parallel threaded into the multiplex spirals.

The system uses an audio/video retrieval mechanism in the surfaces (monitors), sequence and stream interactive with the accumulative history of the participant/cabinet/core exercise. The mannequin artifact assembly was designed with the assistance of sculptor David McManaway.

- Jerry Hunt, 1988


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