Jerry Hunt: Fluud

Fludd is a system of translation of the mechanisms of austral/boreal trace patterns produced as an aural-visual performance extraction (Robert Fludd [1574-1647] monochordum mundi syhiphoniacum, 1622).

The interference austral diagrams are duplicated to generate embedded templates of patterns. Pulse and melody bursts with orders of motions (color) are translated from the channels of regulative currents (austral, boreal). The templates are selective codings of the elemental determinants (body). A sequence of gesture groups is engaged in the systems of embedded templates and determinants. The series of cross intersections of template-gesture produces a reinforcement and selective evocation of the embedded patterns. The pattern groups are coupled with multiple level isolates of features extracted from the source-copy material affects, remote, global. Each isolate is a figuration or figuration group of this affective couple. For a performance, a test series of figuration isolates is produced. Fludd is system transparent: figuration and coupling with template succession, together, are a continuous series of derivative copies of affects of forms: for each element or object part a successive duplication variant may be produced.

Each performance action uses a visual system of gestural-string concordances, evoked in parallel with the embedded group source-copy affects.

- Jerry Hunt, 1985


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