Jerry Hunt: recorded works

Most of these recordings can be purchased online from the Web page of the label in question (links are provided where available). Another good source is the Verge catalog, which specializes in new music and intermedia. The Deep Listening catalog also carries many of these items, including the out of print Irida LPs.

Haramand Plane: Three Translation Links on CD:
  • Lattice
    CRI CD 713 (1996)
    Includes Lattice, Transform (stream), Cantegral Segment 18.17, Transphalba and Volta (kernal). This is a rerelease of the 1979 Irida LPs listed below. Transform (stream) is also recorded on CRI CD 721 (below)
  • Gay American Composers
    CRI CD 721 (1997)
    Includes an excerpt from the above recording of Transform (Stream), as well as works by Harrison, Del Tredici, Rorem, Hibbard and others

  • Babalon (string)
    oodiscs #51 (1999)
    Duration 5:14. This CD includes works by several other composers. Originally released by Nonsequitur as The Aerial #1 (1990)

  • Ground: Five Mechanic Convention Streams
    oodiscs #9 (1992)
    Includes Chimanzzi (Olun): core, Lattice (stream): ordinal, Transform (stream) monopole, Talk (slice): double and Bitom (stream): link

  • Haramand Plane: Three Translation Links
    oodiscs #38 (1998)
    Includes Chimanzzi: link (1), Chimanzzi: link (2) and Chamanzzi: drape: link (Birome: zone): plane: (fixture). Originally released by Nonsequitur as ¿What Next? Recordings WN0015 (1994)
  • Song Drape #2
    Innova 114 (1997)
    This realization by Michael Schell is also recorded on Musicworks 65 above. The CD includes works by several other composers. Click here for more on the Song Drapes

  • Trapani (stream)
    Lovely Music LCD 3052 (1997)
    Performed by pianist Lois Svard. This recording, entitled Other Places, also includes piano works by Gann and Lauten

  • Song Drapes
    Tzadik 7054 (1999)
    Performances of Song Drapes by Karen Finley, Shelley Hirsch and Mike Patton. Also includes instrumental interludes in their original version

  • Phalba
    Tzadik 7093 (2004)
    Performances of Phalba (Ila: Multiplex), Chimanzzi (Variant), Cantegral Segment No. 19 and Chimanzzi (Olun) by James Fulkerson and the Barton Workshop

on LP:

  • Cantegral Segment 18.17, Transform (stream), Transphalba, Volta (kernel)
    Irida 0032 (1979)
    Out of print, rereleased on CRI CD 713 (above)
  • Lattice
    Irida 0026 (1979)
    Duration 22:58. Out of print. This LP also includes works by Philip Krause and Jerry Willingham. This recording of Lattice in included on CRI CD 713 (above)

on cassette:

Four Video Translations on video:
  • Four Video Translations
    oodiscs VideoO #1 (1994)
    VHS video release of four Jerry Hunt performances: Birome [zone]: plane (fixture), Bitom (fixture): topogram, Talk (slice): duplex and Transform (stream): core

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