Some clarification is necessary here. In the early 1990s Paul Panhuysen had started to work with installations in which canaries interacted with sound events they themselves generated via microphones and piezo pickups. Being routed through effects pedals common to rock music and a mixing console these sounds were modified by Paul and then played back to the birds, who would respond to that output. Paul called this interactive work the KanaryGrandBand. A year before the collaborative project with Jerry, Paul had used a similar setup in a concert with crickets. Pairs of these insects had been placed (with some fresh lettuce) in Chinese takeaway trays with transparent tops. The boxes stood on tables in front of the audience, while behind the seats Paul manipulated the controls. He called this setup and concert Het Brabants Orkest (Brabants Orchestra) after the official ensemble for classical music in the province where Het Apollohuis is, an ensemble which does not have a reputation for excellence and for being innovative, its programming providing a mix of the conventional and the predictable. Paul's answer to Jerry's thoughts on musicianship is a play on the double meaning that the name of the orchestra had thus acquired, as is Jerry's response to him. The setup with the goats in Marten Toonder's Studio was another adaptation of the KGB concept.

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